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Benefits of Cambodian Flowers for Health

Cambodian Flowers - You certainly often see flowers that grow a lot or deliberately planted in the cemetery area, namely frangipani flowers.

Its existence in the cemetery area often creates flowers that are identical to flora for the dead. In addition, the flower is also identical to the Balinese who often wear it when the ceremonial ceremony so that it is not wrong if the flower is also identified with mystical things. Though the flower is very beautiful when seen, the smell was refreshing nose and soothing eyes.

Maybe frangipani that you often see white frangipani with a middle cut yellow, but together there are still other types of Cambodian Flowers namely white with pink on the middle cut.

As for Cambodia, there are two different sizes. Small Cambodian alias dwarf is often used as decoration planted in pots and to decorate the front yard of the house. While large frangipani that can be meters in height you often find growing in the yard or cemetery.

Maybe most of you think this flower is too magical, but together these flowers have many benefits. You need to know, there are many benefits of frangipani flowers for health and beauty is quite a lot. Among others are:
You undoubtedly often see flowers that grow a lot or deliberately planted in the Kubura area. Benefits of Cambodia Flowers for Health
Benefits of frangipani flowers for health via

Benefits of frangipani flowers for health

No wonder Balinese people often use frangipani as flowers sown in bathing pools. Because it is very useful frangipani flowers for beauty. The flower contains volatile oils which are citronellol, farnesol, geraniol, linallol and phenylalcohol. The content is still supported by emollients and vitamin E which are good for treatment and maintain beauty, especially skin beauty. The content of frangipani can soften, moisturize, provide nutrients and maintain skin elasticity.

Boils medicine

The benefits of frangipani flowers to maintain skin beauty certainly can not be discussed anymore, you certainly know some beauty products using frangipani extract or extract. Well it turns out this flower is able to treat boils. Ulcer, it is not a life-threatening disease, but if it is not treated, it will surely hurt and the lump is very disturbing. Now, it's time to return to traditional medicine with frangipani.

There are two ways or methods of treating boils with frangipani, namely by relaxing frangipani leaves dripped with coconut oil, then smeared on boils and allowed to dry, then replaced with other leaves. Whereas the second method is by applying cambodia sap to the piece of boil.

Overcome swelling

The efficacy of frangipani flowers is indeed extraordinary. In addition to treating boils, these flowers can also overcome pus or clash answers. Use the flower tree bark by mashing it to shreds, then boil it in boiling water and soak your pus-covered body with the water.

In addition to pus being lost, your feet will also feel fresher and relaxed by soaking in frangipani water. This can also be used as a cheap and easy way of relaxation. Now you already understand that not only, Cambodia has many extraordinary functions.

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