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Latin name for Red Rose

Latin names red roses are often used as a question. Usually to make it easier to memorize and pronounce Latin names in a variety of ways. Many people tend to wear flowers that have this symbol of love without knowing the Latin name they have.

If explored further, together the Latin names of these roses are very diverse and beautiful. Moreover, the Latin name used will be different for each species in several countries.

If clearly understood, the scientific structured division of the rose is included in the Order of Rosales. Who has the family Rosaceae and Genus Rosa L. Roses and Latin names are indeed best known so as to get even more knowledge about roses.

So before using the rose for a statement of love is able to distinguish these roses. Especially for red roses. Given the red rose species in the world a lot. Even has a characteristic that can not be found in other roses.

Red Rose
Red Rose

Latin name for Red Rose

As mentioned above, each region has a different Latin species name for different roses.

Why is it different in each region? This is because there are some rose experts who are able to share various species of roses. Moreover, there are differences in climate and different land contours in each region which creates the flora of the rose to be different and adjust to the location of growth. Latin names for red roses in the Middle East, for example, are named Rosa Foetida Bicolor.

The Latin name of the red rose is of course based on the color of this red rose. This typical red rose in the Middle East has a copper red color when in bloom.

Where the color of the stamens of roses on this one is yellow. With this striking color stamens that create roses become more alive and seem not dull. Even the scent of this red rose has the scent of licorice which is quite strong. So it is not surprising that many use it as a scent of perfume.

The scientific name of this rose is generally given the name Rosa spp. Given the various species of roses so it is quite difficult to understand thoroughly. Moreover, the name of the species that may still be abnormal for the people of Indonesia. For this reason, many Indonesians only memorize the Latin name of the red rose.

The Latin name of red rose, although it should be known, but considering the different species in each region, many people are happier learning the meaning of the rose. One of them is red rose which has the meaning of love. It is not surprising that the red roses will be identical with someone's love statement.

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