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How to Plant / Cultivate Cambodian Flowers

HOW TO PLANT / CULTURE FLOWER CAMBODIA, frangipani flower is a type of ornamental plant that has the Latin name Plumeria. This plant is easy to grow in all areas of altitude, both low and high plains. To cultivate is very easy with seeds and stem cuttings here is how to cultivate frangipani flowers with stem cuttings.
How to Plant Cultivate Cambodian Flowers
How to Plant Cultivate Cambodian Flowers

How to Plant / Cultivate Cambodian Flowers

Choose stems / branches that are healthy, and are quite old and straight, then cut a few centimeters and plug into polybags that contain bokashi 10 cm deep, then move to a place that is rather shady for easy maintenance.

Watering is done every day for plants that are still brand new and when it is growing watering is done once every two days.


Transplanting of plants is done if the plants are alive and have a few leaves if we want to plant in the yard or side of the house, if you want to stay in the polybag just take care of it.

To move frangipani flower plants need to be remembered, that is when the removal of plants, the soil that sticks to the roots should not be released so that the plants do not experience stagnation and stress.

Make a planting hole diameter of 30 cm and into 30 cm then enter the half bokashi and a little pest prevention drug that is Furadan 2 tablespoons then flush with water until it is runny evenly

Planting frangipani flowers, remove polybags plastic by turning the plants and holding the soil so that it does not come loose then the plastic is pulled up then put it into the planting hole and add bokashi soil to the full, then flush with water until it is runny water and attach the tip / crown so the stem does not sway .

Plant care

 Watering is done every day, morning or evening, if the plants have already grown watering is done 2-3 times a day, looking at the condition of the soil on the stems of plants.

Fertilization, to speed up the fertilization of this plant needs to be fertilized, use organic liquid fertilizer 2- 3 tablespoons or 30ml per planting then flush until the fertilizer disappears. 

Fertilization can also be used a little chemical fertilizer to stimulate the growth of leaves and stems (Urea + Phonska 1-2 tablespoons per stem) but it's better to add bokashi each fertilization. after growing tall, fertilize using bokashi or compost only by digging trenches around the trunk of the plant then fertilizer in the pile and covered with soil again then watering it evenly.

Pruning is done to form the desired branch or prune branches that are not healthy and affected by disease. This is done if the plant has grown lush and many branches.

That's how to plant / cultivate frangipani flowers. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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