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How to Growing Roses

How to Growing Roses - The green, flower-filled yard is one of the supporters of the beauty of residential areas. Houses with any style and model if you have a yard that looks arid certainly will look like something is missing. For this reason, not a few people then fill their yards with lots of flowers.

One flower plant that is quite often planted for example has many benefits and has a very charming beauty. If you want to try to cultivate it but still don't know how to plant it, here we have described a simple guide on how to plant roses in your yard or in pots.

How to Grow Roses

1. Preparation for Planting Media Roses
The first thing you must do in how to plant roses is to prepare planting media. Growing media is the area to grow roses that will be planted. You can make it in a private yard or use a flower pot.

If you want to cultivate a private rose in your yard, the first thing to do is hoe and loosen the soil. Transplantation should be done as deep as 20-30 cm. The hoeed soil is then turned over and left for 3-7 days. After that, chunks of soil are crushed to crumbs and given a 3-5 cm thick cage fertilizer. Cage fertilizer is leveled all over the soil surface and planting media is ready.

Remember!! The cage fertilizer used should be chicken cage fertilizer that has undergone a decomposition process (the temperature is already resembling soil temperature).

How to Grow Roses My Experience + Pictures
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If you want to grow roses in a pot, the preparation of planting media can be done by mixing topsoil soil (top chapter soil), sand, and cage fertilizer in a ratio of 4: 1: 4. The mixture is then able to be personally put into a pot and ready for planting.

Growing a rose in a pot is more I recommend the reason is that later we can easily adjust the layout of the plant when it starts flowering.

2. Seed Preparation Roses
After preparing the planting media, the next thing you must do in planting roses is to prepare the seeds.

Seeds can be obtained by sowing rose seeds or carrying out stem cuttings. For simplicity, I suggest you to use cuttings seeds the reason is that it is relatively easier and less complicated in its work. But remember, the use of cuttings should only be done when planting on the dominant expression of rain.

Stem cuttings for rose seeds we can take from the rose stems border between the young and the smell of the ground along the index finger. In addition to pruning the leaves, the tip of the cut stem of the rose to be planted should be formed spiky and soaked first in young coconut water to stimulate root formation. Immersion is done for 3-5 minutes brand new then cuttings are embedded in the growing media.
The green, flower-filled yard is one of the supporters of the beauty of residential areas. How to Grow Roses My Experience + Image
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3. Planting Roses
After the cuttings are ready, a personal planting can be done. How to plant roses simply by planting seedlings into the planting medium. Implanting is done as deep as 2-3 cm. After that, water the seeds if needed.

For planting in the yard, cuttings should be planted at a spacing of 50x50 cm or adapted as desired.

4. Care Roses
After 1-2 weeks, the cuttings that you plug in will indicate life symptoms. Some small leaves will grow from the axillary armpits. But if you find brownish dry cuttings, just pull them out and replace them with new cuttings.

After being confirmed alive, the next stage in how to plant roses is to carry out maintenance. Treatments include irradiation, fertilization, weed control, watering and pruning. More about how to care for roses, you are able to visit the previous article post.

Well, that's a guide how to plant roses in the yard and in a pot according to my experience. Keep in mind, the use of this simple method should only be done at the beginning of the rainy dominant expression. The application of this method of planting roses in the dominant expression of the dry season usually has a low growth success rate. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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