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How to Grow Shallots Verticulture Complete Guide

How to Grow Shallots Verticulture - I learned about growing Shallots using the Verticulture System after reading Trubus Magazine.

This system does not require extensive land and expensive costs, and does not require a lot of maintenance (minimal maintenance).

It is said to be minimal maintenance because we no longer bother to pull the grass (weeds), and we can design watering using a drum where the Nutrition Water is placed higher than the plant media (2 meters) and then put a water hose placed in the position of "nutrient pipe" so to do enough watering by turning the watering tap around 3 minutes,

How to Grow Shallots Verticulture Complete Guide
How to Grow Shallots Verticulture Complete Guide

How to Grow Verticulture Shallots

To facilitate understanding, we present this video, as for the steps, namely:

Here is a complete guide to Ciara, easy to grow Shallots Verticulture system,

1. Make a 60 centimeter diameter circular board to print the blocks on which polyvinylchloride (PVC) is made.

2. Prepare a 4 inch diameter pipe along 2 meters as a container for plants.

3. Make 216 planting holes with a diameter of 4 centimeters with round-edged electric drill, the distance between points is 15 centimeters.

4. After perforated, put the pipe in the block in an upright position. After that fill the pipe with planting media: a mixture of raw husk, sawdust, compost and soil. 1 to 1 ratio 1 to 1 ratio.

5. Then insert the 1 inch diameter nutritional pipe which has been perforated into a PVC pipe filled with growing media. Its function is that nutrients are poured to the bottom of the pipe. The bottom of the nutrition pipe is blocked with rubber flip-flops. The goal is that the soil does not enter the nutrient pipe.

6. The seeds are ready to be planted by inserting a portion of the onion tubers into the hole in the pipe wall. So that the bulbs are firmly planted, support them with a stick.

7. Pour nitration into the nutrient pipe 3 times a day.

Plant nutrients can be made by yourself which is made from sugar, coconut water, and rice flour which is fermented for a week, or we can also use water used for washing rice which is also fermented first.

How to use nutritional water: At the time it will be used to water the plants 1 liter of nutrient water is mixed with 20 liters of plain water 3 times a day. Good luck, good luck ...
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