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How to Grow Garlic is simple

Garlic is a mandatory cooking spice especially in Indonesia. Starting from fried rice to soto all use garlic as a flavor enhancer. Cultivation was carried out on a large scale given the demand for garlic as if it were endless. With a relatively stable price, cultivating garlic is an interesting prospect considering the number of farmers who cultivate this plant is still limited.
How to Grow Garlic is simple
How to Grow Garlic is simple

How to grow garlic is simple

The process of cultivating garlic itself working together is not too difficult. The trick can be seen below:

1. Land preparation

For suitable soil garlic is clay type soil with a pH of 5.6-6.8 and has good drainage. After finding a suitable location start land clearing. You do this by cleaning up the remnants of plants that are in or above the surface of the soil through piracy as deep as 20-30 cm.

Within a week piracy is done about 2-3 times. After the answer land has been plowed, make beds with a width of 60-150 cm, height 20-50 cm, and the length is adjusted to the extent of the land. Don't forget to create an irrigation ditch with a width of 30-40 cm between beds.

2. Planting

Garlic bulbs to be planted must have the same size and uniform. Good quality seeds that are medium size, healthy, hard, and the outer surface is smooth or shiny. For planting methods, first plant tubers with a depth of 2-3 cm. Adjust the spacing with the size of the cloves that will be used, for example for suing weighing 1.5 grams spacing at least 20x20 cm. For seedling needs, each hectare of land will need around 1,600 kg if the seeds weigh 3 grams.

3. Fertilizing

Supplementary fertilization is performed 3 times, at the age of 15, 30 and 45 days after planting with 200 kg Urea + ZA + 100kg KCL 100 kg per ha of fertilizer for each additional fertilizer. The trick is to develop fertilizer between plant formations followed by watering. Fertilization is carried out by application to immerse fertilizer in addition to a lot of plant row like how to provide basic fertilizer. The use of inorganic fertilizers can be balanced with organic fertilizer or compost adjusted to the needs of plants.

4. Watering

Watering the garlic is done by creating a ditch between the beds. Then fill the trench with water. Watering is done every day at the beginning of the planting period. But after plants grow well, the frequency of watering can be reduced to once a week. Water supply is prohibited at the time of maximum tuber formation or 10 days before harvest, approximately when the leaves have started to turn yellow or the age of garlic reaches 3 months after planting.

5. Maintenance

Plant maintenance is carried out 2-3 Sunday after planting, by weeding the weeds that grow and repairing beds with an interval of about 20-30 days. If the rate of weed growth is fast enough, then the frequency of weeding can be added. Do weeding carefully so as not to damage the roots and tubers that are still new.

6. Handling of Harvest and Postharvest Period

Depending on the variety, but the age of harvest is generally around 90-120 days since planting. The characteristics of plants that are ready to harvest are hard stems and 50% of the leaves have yellowed or dried.

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How to harvest can be done by pulling exclusively if the soil is light and gouging if the texture of the soil is rather hard. Then the harvest is tied as much as 20-30 stalks per bundle and dried in the sun for approximately 2 weeks. When dried place the harvest on a woven palm leaf to avoid damage.

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