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Broadleaf Ornamental Plants

Broadleaf Ornamental Plants - One way to maintain air quality and create a beautiful atmosphere is by maintaining plants. Like the broad-leaved ornamental plants that can be used as decoration in your home.

This plant is often used as decoration, the reason is the unique shape of the leaves, which is certainly good and beautiful. Besides being beautiful, it is also able to create a beautiful atmosphere around you, there's nothing wrong if you decorate your house with this plant, right?

In this article I will explain some kinds of broadleaf ornamental plants that might suit you.

Broadleaf Ornamental Plants

1. Taro Red Star

As the name implies, this flora has very good leaves in red. The shape of the leaves is wide with green combined with red.

The combination of the two colors is certainly very interesting attention from the eye of the viewer No wonder so many people love this ornamental plant. Maybe you can maintain it at home.

2. Dieffenbachia

Maybe it's hard to say his name. But, for Javanese this plant is often referred to as rice Kutah. The reason is because the green leaves have white spots.

This plant is included as a broadleaf ornamental plant. However, it should be noted, one of these plants has sap in the leaves that can create itching. For this reason, you should monitor the underage of this plant. This plant can be placed anywhere, both inside and outside.

3. Juniper

This ornamental plant is one type of plant, namely fern. But the leaves are bigger and longer and the leaves are thick.

This plant is often encountered in the forest. Once this plant is free, yes it's free. But now many are already targeting this plant. This plant is one of the typical Indonesian plants. The more attractive the shape of the leaves, the more expensive the price will be.

4. Elephant ears

This one ornamental plant is a broadleaf ornamental plant that is famous by plant lovers. This is because the shape of the leaves that draw attention to its uniqueness.

This plant has a large leaf bone and broad leaves to create this plant is often called the Elephant Ear suitable for you who like broad-leaf ornamental plants. Because you don't need a lot of sunlight, you can put plants on the porch.

5. Ketapang tree

The leaves of this plant are quite wide. With a diameter that can exceed 20cm.

Suitable for you who love broad-leaved ornamental plants. Plants that are included as tropical flora are suitable to be planted in Indonesia. Some even plant this plant for up to 2 years, growing heavily, although some of them die.

For that you need to pay attention to the soil of this plant, when it starts to dry enough flush and every 2 months give fertilizer.

Dense ketapang trees are suitable as sunlight tampias. On the other hand you need to pay attention to pruning this plant because this plant can grow about 2 meters.

6. Banana

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You can use original bananas or ornamental bananas. But for the value of beauty is certainly more aesthetic and neat by using ornamental bananas. Because it will be far different from the aesthetic value that you think about if you use original bananas with bad leaves and wilting.

Seedlings that are easily able to be transferred to pots containing humus soil. If necessary, you are able to offer bonsai nutrition, hopefully this one ornamental plant can be stunted. On the other hand this plant is easy to grow when exposed to sunlight.
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