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7 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow

Indoor Plants That You Can Grow - For lovers of plants, of course, must have ornamental plants. Of course you would feel awkward if you didn't have ornamental plants at home? In addition to being able to maintain air circulation, it is also able to show a beautiful atmosphere in your home, creating a desire to linger at home.

In ornamental plants there are indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, but this time I would recommend indoor ornamental plants that might be suitable for you to decorate the room. So that your room looks more beautiful and elegant because it has its own aesthetic value.

1. Spider Plant

Indoor Plants

Spider Plant atau Chlorophytum Comosum. Tumbuhan yang diketahui dari Afrika ini sekarang sudah tersebar ke seluruh penjuru dunia. Tinggi flora ini diketahui sekitar 60 cm. Tanaman hias ini sanggup di tanam pada pot dan ditaruh dalam ruangan, cocok untuk Anda yang berkeinginan untuk menata ruangan Anda dengan tumbuhan hias. Selain sanggup menjaga sirkulasi udara tentunya juga sanggup memperlihatkan nilai estetis tersendiri.

2. Banyan Tree
Indoor Plants

Banyan or commonly called fig tree, this flora is usually planted in pots. On the other hand, this tree based on NASA can maintain air circulation in the room, especially in terms of absorbing pollutants related to carpets and furniture in the form of formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene.

3. English ivy

Indoor Plants
English ivy or commonly known as European ivy. This plant is an ornamental plant whose family is original Araliaceae from Europe as well as West Asia. Suitable for you who want to put it on the table or in the living room as an attractive indoor decoration.

4. In-law Tongue

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Surely if you hear the word in-laws will undoubtedly imagine the figure of an old man who prayed, let alone in-laws who are fierce asking forgiveness to hear it will be afraid. But this time it wasn't our in-laws who were the top of our conversation.

But ornamental plants in-law Tongue-in-law or other name Snake Plant. This plant has its own function as an absorbent of poisons, its distinctive shape also makes it easy to recognize. Suitable to put in the room other than as decoration as well as absorbing toxins.

5. Gerber Daisy

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Gerber Daisy or Gerbera Jamesonii is commonly known by the people of Indonesia as Gerbras. This plant originated from South Africa.

Having colorful flowers that are usually used as cut flowers with roses, carnations, or chives. This plant is suitable to be put in the bedroom or bathroom, as well as the washing room because it has uses in removing trichlorethylene.

6. Evergreen Cina

Indoor Plants

Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema Crispum. In Indonesia commonly known as Sri Rejeki. This plant is easy to care for and has uses as a room air purifier from pollutants and poisons.

7. Chrysanthemum

Indoor Plants

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Chrysanthemum or commonly known as Seruni is a colorful flower whose English language is referred to as Florist's Daisy as well as Hardy Garden mum. If planted in a pot he can grow up to 90 cm. This plant has a delicious fragrant smell, creating you want to linger with the fragrant flowers.

How? Interested in having flowers above to decorate the room? Of course you are advised to have at least one of them to decorate the room because being able to provide its own aesthetic value, besides being beautiful and elegant, it certainly will make you feel comfortable at home and want to linger. With a little decoration of ornamental plants in the room will certainly beautify the atmosphere in your home.

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