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13 Types of Ornamental Plants You May Like

For fans of plants, of course, ornamental plants have become mandatory in the home area. In addition to beautifying the yard, ornamental plants can also create ourselves to feel comfortable and at ease. In addition, our eyes also become fresh with the presence of colorful plants that are around. For this reason, it is not surprising that many grow ornamental plants in the area around their homes.

Various Types of Ornamental Plants

There are several types of ornamental plants, depending on needs or what we like. There are ornamental flower plants, which are plants that produce flowers with unique shapes, colors, sizes and aromas. In addition there are also ornamental plants leaves, namely plants that have color and unique shape on the leaves so it looks beautiful. Although not flowering, ornamental plants leaves can present their own impression for the owner.

Ornamental plants were also divided into several types of placement, there are ornamental plants that are suitable to be placed outdoors (outdoor) and some are suitable indoors (indoor). Some are hung and there are ornamental plants for the aquarium. However, for these types of plants will be discussed at the next opportunity. This time, plantmagz discusses the types of ornamental plants widely.

13 Types of Ornamental Plants You May Like

1. Adenium

Adenium is also known by the name Cambodia Japan, although behind it there are complementary "Japanese" but this Adenium plant is not from Japan but from Africa. In his native country, Adenium lives in the desert but it can flower heavily, while its roots form a kind of bulbous and rounded bulb, the more rounded and curved, the higher the price. Adenium species are also many of them, namely Adenium Obesum, Adenium Multiflorum, Adenium Arabicum and many more.

adenium bonsai
adenium bonsai

2. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is already quite obsolete known in Indonesia, this ornamental plant is also known as Sri fortune or bringer of luck. Aglaonema is a type of ornamental plant, the reason being without flowers. Even so the leaves have many variations in terms of color, size, shape and motif. There are also many species of Aglaonema plants, namely Aglaonema costatum, Aglaonema commutatum, Aglaonema hospitum and Aglaonema Crispum.

3. Orchid

Orchid is a type of ornamental flower plant that has a variety of flower patterns and colors, its beauty creates this plant is quite popular and many are collected by many people. In addition to its beauty, collecting orchids is also quite beneficial so that many people collect it not for the reason that is its beauty, but also for sale. There are so many kinds of orchids, Indonesia itself is a country rich in orchids. The types of orchids include Phalaenospis, Dendrobium, Paphiodelium, Vanda and many more.

4. Coleus

Coleus is an ornamental plant from tropical Africa which has now spread throughout the world. This plant grows wild in rice field embankments, fields and plantations. In Java this plant is known by the name of Kentang, while in Sunda Jawer Kotok. Coleus plants are widely used as ornamental plants, the reason is that they have leaves with bright and attractive colors. Besides this plant is also beneficial for health, boiled water Coleus (Iler) is considered to cure hemorrhoid, boils, fever.

5. Heliconia

The Heliconia plant is no longer miraculous for you, this plant has a shape similar to a banana, called impression by bananas or ornamental bananas. Heliconia is a tropical plant. This plant is easy to grow in damp places exposed to sunlight. The stem is flaky, the leaves are like banana leaves. Heliconia is widely used as a component in gardens and as cut flowers.

6. Kana

Kana, a flowering plant originating from the tropical places of the American continent, this plant in Indonesia is also known as a rosary flower. This plant is classified as an outdoor plant that usually grows in forests and mountains, although not infrequently used as ornamental plants in yards and city parks, the reason is that it has colorful flowers. Reportedly the roots of kana plants are useful for treating several diseases such as jaundice, zits and wounds.

7. Philodendron

Philodendron is a leaf ornamental plant whose charm lies in its leaves. This plant has many species and consists of two types, namely vines and upright. The name Philodendron comes from the Greek language from the word philos ("love") and dendron ("tree") means plants that like trees. Plants can grow well in Indonesia and are widely used as ornamental plants in the room or garden.

8. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is an ornamental plant that is often used for table decorations, aisle, room decoration and so forth. This is because chrysanthemums are very rich in color and durable. Chrysanthemum, also known as daisies or seruni, has more than 1,000 species in the world. Chrysanthemum plants with straight trunk, soft structure and green color. If left to continue to grow stems will be brown.

9. Alpinia Purpurata

Alpinia belongs to the family Zingiberaceae, while the genus is divided into two subgenera namely Alpinia which has more than 70 species and Dieramalpinia K. Schum. Alpinia purpurata K. Schum is commonly called red ginger, where it originates from New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Solomon Islands and Bouganville. in its original habitat Alpinia lives in a similar neglected area along the river in the forest guidelines. Alpinia is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant, the reason being the flower arrangement.

10. Anthurium

Anthurium, which is an ornamental plant, never succeeded a few years later until the price reached millions of rupiah. But the glory of Anthurium is now beginning to dim and connoisseurs of plants began to shift. Anthurium itself has many types including Anthurium Hooker, Anthurium Jenmanii, Anthurium Wave of Love, Anthurium keris and many more. All of which have different leaf shapes, becoming a pleasure for hobbyists.

11. Bonsai 

Bonsai is a dwarf plant that is generally planted in pots and these plants as a whole look like old trees in the wild. The form of bonsai that looks like an old tree is not the reason that is accidental, but through the process of formation by human hands. Bonsai originated from China and has been known since the Tsin dynasty, then flourished in the Tang dynasty that appears in the paintings formed at that time. 

12. Euphorbia 

Euphorbia is a type of flower plant with thorny plants, this plant belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae which has more than 2,000 species. This plant is classified as succulent like a cactus, so it will display vibrant flowers when placed in the open with full sun. Euphorbia flower shape similar to the number 8 is considered to bring luck to some people, the color also varies, there are red, orange, yellow and orange. 

13. Ornamental Taro 

Taro is a member of the Araceae family of more than 100 genera and 3,700 species. This plant has a variety of leaf shapes, from long, round, oval, to triangular. Besides this plant also has a different leaf bone motif, some are flat and some are jagged. The color of the leaves also further supports its beauty with a variety of variations it has, there are pink, green, red and a combination of several colors earlier.

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