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How to whiten teeth Naturally

How to whiten teeth naturally - Wow, I don't wanna cry! ^Tell me a little bit about your teeth,^have they always been this color? - I haven't had a cleaning in six years. ^- You said you're a former smoker?- Yeah, so I smoked pretty much until I was like 30,31. ^- So why do you think your teeth are discolored?- I don't know, it might be the glass or two of winethat I have at night. ^-

 So your teeth have a little bit of stain. - Oh. - There's add store brands,there's strips. If you can come up with a combination of all of these,in an effective solutionin an effective delivery mechanism,we can get sustained results that work. We're gonna take very accurate molds of the teethusing crown and bridge material. Crown and bridge impression material we call polyether.

It's about as accurate as it gets. It's expensive, that affects the cost of the whitening. - That's disgusting. - The second appointment,which is gonna be about two weeks later,we're gonna have these trays made.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

We're gonna do an in-office treatment with those trays,where we're gonna mix some solutionsthat will actually createfresh hydrogen peroxide chemically,that we instantly put on the teeth,to condition the enamel and start the whitening process. We're gonna run that for about an hourat three phases of 20 minutes.

- Let's do it. - Am I pretty?- So now that you've donethe in-office conditioning treatment,I'm gonna have you whiten your teeth the next 30 days,while you sleep. - All right, first night of the treatment,and I just showered ready to go to bed,and like Dr Connelly said,I'm supposed to pop these things inbefore I go to sleep,so that's what I'm gonna do.

- Oh my God, is it the bottom or the top?- They're very minty. - It's day two of the whitening treatment,and they're already white. Whoa, they were so white they blinded me!- So it's day five or six,and the teeth are really, really, really white. ^

 - Are these hurting? - Uh-huh. - So what we're doing is,we're actually putting a liquid plasticover his gums right now. Basically sealing off his gums from his teeth,this makes that liquid hard plastic. This is where you started. - Uh-huh. - And you've moved all the way down here.

 ^So this is it, you went from here to here. ^- Wow, look at that!Well, that was an awesome treatment. I'm very, very happy with the results. - What!^- Oh my God! - You can see the difference there.

These are all the way down to the bottom here. This is a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven shades. - I kinda feel like I got another chance^at having white teeth after smoking for so many years. - What I see now in the end, like the result,I am very happy, but look at my teeth!

How to whiten teeth naturally

How to whiten teeth naturally

The use of siwak may not be just this time. Siwak has been used since ancient times. Its function, which is used as a traditional tool for teeth cleaning, also has other benefits, namely as a natural tooth whitener. The trick, rub siwak stems evenly to the teeth. You can do it 2-3 times a day.

How to whiten teeth with salt turned out to be a fairly effective way to do. You can use salt water solution to rinse your mouth every day. Even the antibacterial content found in salt can also kill germs that cause cavities.

The acid content in lemons can lift the bacteria that causes yellow teeth. Balanced PH levels make this fruit can be used to maintain oral health and teeth. The trick, take 1 fresh lemon. Then take the juice and mix with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Rub using a brush to the teeth.

Banana peel
After eating a banana, you should not immediately remove the skin. Banana peels can be used to clean yellow teeth. The trick, just rub the banana skin to the teeth evenly.

Orange peel
Not much different from a banana peel, orange peel can also be used to clean yellow teeth to whiten it. The method is almost the same, namely rubbing orange peel to the teeth evenly. You can do it every day for maximum results.

Apple Vinegar
Apple vinegar which is often used as a food flavor enhancer turns out to have benefits that can make teeth look whiter and cleaner. The trick, take 1 spoonful of apple cider vinegar then rubbing metara on the teeth.

Who doesn't like to eat strawberries? Fruit that has a slightly sour taste is a fruit that can whiten teeth naturally. Besides being able to be consumed every day, you can whiten teeth with strawberry fruit by rubbing the outside of the strawberry fruit to the teeth. This method is quite effective for removing stains and dirt on your teeth.

Besides being known as a good fruit for maintaining digestion, apples also have the benefit of whitening yellow teeth naturally. You can consume this fruit regularly every day. In addition, you can also rub the apples directly on the teeth to remove yellow spots on your teeth.

besides beneficial to increase calcium intake in the body, milk also has benefits that can be used to clean teeth from yellow stains. Even the content of phosphorus and magnesium found in milk can also be used to strengthen teeth from the inside. The trick, you simply consume milk regularly.

In addition to lemons, lime can also be used as a natural ingredient for cleaning yellow teeth. Even the antibacterial content is able to eliminate the germs that cause yellow teeth. The trick, you can rub lime directly into your teeth or you can also take the juice of lime juice then add a glass of water and use it to rinse your mouth. Source :
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