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How To Plant Sunflower And Its Benefits

Sunflower, anyone who sees it will surely be amazed by its cheerful and unique appearance. Unique? Yeah, this flower is a unique flower.

Its uniqueness lies in the direction facing it which always faces the sun shining. Maybe this is the cause of this flower nicknamed the sun. When viewed from its shape, this flower also has similarities to the shape of the sun that is usually drawn by elementary school children. Switching from its shape, this time we will discuss a little about the perfect way to plant this flower.

Sunflower is a type of flower that requires extensive land as a medium for planting it. The land should also be open.

Thus, sunlight can illuminate these flower plants freely. You don't need to pay too much attention to the type of soil to plant this flower. This flower is able to grow in various types of soil.

How To Plant Sunflower And Its Benefits :

How To Plant Sunflower And Its Benefits

However, you must still pay attention to the care of this plant. You have to water it regularly. To plant these flower seeds in an open field, you must prepare a hole with a maximum diameter of 1 ½ cm. You also need to wet the holes first.

Next, you should pay attention to how to plant sunflowers, namely the spacing. The spacing will be very strong in the flower growth and development of this one flower. The most effective distance is about 45 cm.

With this distance, sunflower plants will grow more optimally and faster. In this planting process, each hole should contain 2 seeds as seeds. Of course you will not see its development right away. You have to wait about 14 to 21 days.

If this flower plant has started to grow, you should keep this plant flourishing and not damaged. How to?

The way is easy, you can use bottled mineral water.

You will be able to use this bottle to cover up this plant to avoid any kind of damage. The damage was able to occur the reason that was the work of human hands and the reason was the exposure to rain water.

After the plants thrive, you must remember to show the complement in the form of fertilizer.

This fertilization process is able to do when the flower plants are around two months old. In addition to fertilizing, you also need to clean the disturbing wild plants that grow around sunflower plants.

Now you know how to plant sunflowers. Next, you also need to know some of the benefits of this one interest.

Some of the benefits of this flower are to cure whooping cough, pus into the urine, bronchitis, vaginal discharge, and so forth. The benefits of sunflower can you get through the leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers.

Thus a little review of sunflowers. This information will further enrich your knowledge regarding planting and the benefits of this one flower. Thus, this flower does not only seem beautiful, but it is also efficacious.
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