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Rustic Chicken with Garlic Gravy - Seasons and Suppers - In the vein of chicken with meat sauce? This delicious rustic chicken with garlic and garlic bread fits the bill perfectly and is the dinner of a garlic lover's dreams! You'll want to chase away the mashed potatoes to absorb every portion of this fabulous sauce!

This single-serving chicken with meat sauce is so delicious, you're sure to make it a normal in your family! The chicken is moist and golden and the sauce is rich and full of garlic. Twenty value wedges! But you would never know, because even the garlic is browned and softened and turns into sweet pieces of flavor, just like the nice sweet taste of roasted garlic.

If you are like me, the thought of separating and peeling the 20 cloves of garlic for this recipe is not super catchy. I took a bag of pre-separated and peeled cloves from the supermarket for about $ 1. Well spent money if you ask me :) And again, don't worry that you won't be able to leave home for days after eating this. As the roasted garlic, this garlic becomes very soft. You'll know it's there, but it won't make you beat (or anyone else).

As for the chicken, any cut will do it. I used my thighs here and I like leather for a damper chicken, but without skin it will work. Unfortunately, the skin on my thighs got very stuck when I was cooking them this time. I think I hurried and my oil wasn't as hot as it should be, so I guess it's a suggestion to make sure your oil is almost smoking hot before adding the chicken to the skin. It will look nicer if the skin actually stays on the chicken, but even if it doesn't, the skin continues to cook with the dish, so the flavor and the crispy tips are still there. I collected them with chicken pieces, so they didn't burn when the garlic was cooking.

Cook notes for rustic chicken with garlic Sugo

You will want to serve this with something on side to make the most of the delicious garlic sauce. My choice is usually a creamy mashed potato, but also pasta or rice.

At the risk of carbohydrate overload, I'd also like an excellent crunchy bread in the mix, to immerse myself in the sauce. Add a salad or vegetable for a full meal. I love green beans or broccoli with this dish.

I always like to brown my skin, on the chicken in a non-stick pan. I found it to be a foolproof way to keep skin and get beautifully golden! Just heat a little oil in a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Add the chicken with the skin, with the skin facing down and cook until golden brown, before tossing. Do not run, this can take up to 8-10 minutes depending on the size. Move the chicken into the pan once in a while to ensure even browning. Since my nonstick pan is not oven proof, I will transfer the work to an antifreeze pan for the oven part. Yes, it is another pan to wash, but it is non-stick, so cleaning is easy and I should never worry about getting all that beautiful chicken skin stuck in the pan :)

A delicious single dish that is delicious served with mashed potatoes of potatoes, rice or pasta, to get the most out of the delicious sauce. To spare yourself the task of separating and peeling all that garlic, look for pre-separated / peeled cloves in the product section of your grocery store.

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