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How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Quick and Easy Recipe

How to Make Garlic Powder - As we know, it's useful for lots of garlic in the matter of the wedding day.

Sometimes, there are dishes that use only garlic just until we feel the responsibility when it should be mengirisnya or even menguleknya such as the making of dough cilok.

The solution, garlic Powder which is practically unnecessary complication and complication-slicing .

But sometimes, garlic Powder is also quite hard to come by if not in large cities or in the store which is pretty complete.

Calm, garlic Powder that's easy to made so that we could make it at once to the stock if necessary at any time.

Or among the readers there who had the idea of an attempt to manufacture garlic Powder.

way below is the traditional way so that we do not need any special equipment, even oven though.

So it could be done by anyone without the need to provide special tools in advance.

But because of the way traditional and manual, of course the process is becoming longer,

How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Quick and Easy Recipe

The materials How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Quick and Easy Recipe

5 of fresh garlic

How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Without an Oven

Peel the garlic one by one. If you don't wait, enter the garlic into the jar and then shake-shake a bit hard so her skin loss. In doing so, the skin of the garlic would be easier cleaned i.e. living skin that sticks to it.

IRIS-iris garlic as thinly as possible. Increasingly thinner then the garlic dry faster.
Dry garlic under the hot sun to dry thoroughly. This process takes the longest, could be up to two days if the Sun does not heat the maximum. If the dry season, the day usually garlic dried kerontang.

Furthermore, the roasted garlic above the fire is very small. While roasted peanuts, while diaduk-aduk using wooden spatula to let me not overcook. Toast until fragrant Garlics and dried out.
Roasted garlic puree by way of diulek until smooth. If you want a smoother, please use a sieve sifted flour then the results will be very smooth.

Save the garlic Powder in a sealed container let more durable and can be used anytime.

How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Quick and Easy Recipe

Garlic Powder-in addition to fried, there is one more way that can be used to overcome the damage of fresh garlic. I.e. with make it into flour, onion or garlic Powder.

The raw material used is simply that many ordinary garlic found in the market. For the garlic Powder, the equipment used is also no special specification to make garlic Powder.

The first thing to do when going to make garlic Powder is setting up all the materials and the necessary tools. The material used is fresh garlic whose skin looks shiny and solid, because it contains a lot of oil which makes the resulting flavor and aroma.

While the tools used for household scale, is a sharp knife, cutting board, blender and sieve.

Subsequent skin garlic peeled and thinly 3-6 thick diris mm. Blade which is used at the time of slicing garlic should thin and sharp knife so that the incision is not too thick, thus causing the Garlic is dried for a longer period.

After that, the garlic slices lined up above the tampah rattan has the air cavity. So that the bottom of the Garlic slices also dry when dried.

The process of drying out is done under sunlight directly on the range of temperature 37-60 degrees Celsius until dry. In normal circumstances the process of drying out is usually spent one full day depending on a lot of Garlics that is dried.

Drying out with direct sun light is one of the simplest ways to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that can ruin the quality of garlic Powder. In addition, it also aimed to prevent evaporation of the original scent of garlic.

In contrast to drying in the oven, the scent of Garlics will be lost because of the heat the oven is too high. However, because of the water content in the Garlic has been reduced, then heavy material experience shrinkage by as much as 10-20% of the weight of fresh garlic.

After drying out process is completed, the next thing to do is using the pulverization process blender until smooth. Next garlic Powder sifted with fine wire strainer. With the size of the hole at least 100 mesh. The purpose of screening process to prevent garlic wisps of terbawanya that are not destroyed.

Next up is the process of with a good container storage. Use glass containers such as airtight jar already sterilized and totally within the State dry. And save the garlic at room temperature which is shady.

How to Make Garlic Powder AT Home Quick and Easy Recipe

If during the process of making progress is carried out in accordance with the instructions given durable power then garlic Powder can be up to 3 months or even more.

Tips on creating a fragrant garlic powder:

1. choose garlic whose skin still looks shiny and solid shape.

2. use a thin and sharp knife so that the slices of garlic not too thick which makes Garlics last longer to dry when dried.

3. Do not wash the Garlic well with watered or soaked with water, because the water content in the Garlics will increase power and simpanya so much shorter.

4. Try drying out is done under direct sunlight for 1 full day to prevent microbial growth.

5. put storage Time in normal-temperature places so that the flavor of the garlic is not changed.

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