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Garlic Nutrition aNd Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic Nutrients - Garlic Nutrition, Garlic is a species of plant included in the genus Allium genus or onions. The plant is believed to have originated from Central Asia and Northeastern Iran has long been a common seasoning (a flavor enhancer) and as traditional medicine around the world.  The main part of which spice food or traditional medicine from the plant won't be matter this is garlic.

In the language of the United Kingdom, also called Garlic with Garlic whereas the scientific language of garlic is Allium Sativum.

Garlic bulbs be packed raw but very strong and pungent aroma. In addition can be eaten raw, garlic can also be cooked as a flavor enhancer for food or for treatment. The white onion is often processed into health supplemen.

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Garlic Nutrients
Garlic Nutrients

Nutrition of Garlic

The following is the content of nutrition in each 100 grams of garlic.

This type of Garlic Nutrients /nutrition content of RDA%

Calories 149kcal (623 kJ) 7.5%
33.06 g carbs 25%
14, 2 g – water
Protein 6, 36 g 11%
1 g – sugar
Fiber 1 g 2, 5.5%
Fat 0, 5 g 2%
Vitamin A 9IU < 1%
Vitamin C 31, 2mg 52%
Vitamin D 0 µ g –
Vitamin E 0, 0.5% 08mg
Vitamin K µ g 1.5 1.7%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0, 2mg 17%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0, 11 mg 8%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0, 7mg 4%
Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic acid) 0, 596mg 12%
Vitamin B6 1, 235mg 95%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 3 µ g 1%
Calcium 181mg 18%
Iron 1.7% 21
Magnesium 25 6%
Phosphorus 153mg 22%
Potassium (Potassium) 401mg 9%
Selenium 14.2 µ g 26%
Sodium 17mg 1%
Zinc (Zinc) 1, 16mg 12%
garlic nutrition
garlic nutrition

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is food that is rich in nutrients but low in calories it contains. Some of the Benefits that this strong flavored onions is to prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, improve the immune system, Maintain healthy skin and hair, Controlling blood pressure, Boost memory, Prevent obesity and Treating Diabetes. The following are some Benefits garlic for our health.

1. Prevent heart disease
Consume garlic good raw or cooked can lower cholesterol levels because garlic has antioxidant properties are named with Alicin. As information, Alicin compounds responsible for the aroma typical of garlic. In addition to lowering cholesterol levels, Alicin is also very beneficial to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that this contains Alicin compounds, sulfur that are likely to be deprived of nature cure when cooked with very mature. To get Benefit from this, Alicin compound is recommended to be eaten raw or half-cooked cooked course.

2. Prevent Cancer
Several studies suggest that regular consumption of garlic every day can prevent certain types of cancers such as stomach cancer, kolekteral cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cancer of the pancreas, brain cancer and reduce the occurrence of tumors associated with breast cancer. Garlic contains a compound called diallyl trisulfide (DATS) this is an effective therapeutic agent in preventing tumor development.

3. Enhance the immune system
Garlic has powerful antiviral properties. For most people, garlic Russia known as "Penicillin Russia" because of his ability which can treat infections effectively. A study found that garlic is effective to prevent and treat the common cold. Those who consumed garlic significantly less often contracted colds when compared with people who did not eat garlic.

4. Maintaining healthy skin and hair
The Refresh properties conceived by garlic can later defended the skin from the effects of free radicals and slow down the depletion of collagen that causes the loss of elasticity of the skin is aging. Rub the garlic extract in the scalp can prevent hair loss.  This is because garlic contains anti-microbial properties that helps kill germs and bacteria the cause of damage to the scalp.

5. Help control blood pressure
Garlic can lower high blood pressure for people who have hypertension. The old garlic extract reduces blood pressure by increasing calcium and reduces the level of C-reactive protein that causes inflammation and high blood pressure.  On the other hand, sulfur deficiency is also one factor causes hypertension. Alicin compound is a compound of sulfur in garlic lowers blood pressure by increasing the concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide relaxes blood vessels (via nitric oxide) and prevent the constriction of blood vessels.

6. Improve Memory (memory)
Garlic can enhance brain Serotonin neurotransmitter that enhances the i.e. cognitive performance. Studies show that garlic oil can improve cognitive performance and memory function in mice by increasing nerve growth.

7. Preventing childhood obesity (overweight)
Studies show that garlic can prevent obesity by reducing weight and fat accumulation in mice. In this study, garlic enable protein in fatty tissues, liver and muscles which converts nutrients into heat than save it. Ajoene compounds found in garlic can also prevent the fatty tissue in mice. Ajoene produce hydrogen peroxide, which activates an enzyme (protein kinase) that kill fat cells.

8. Treat Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is caused by Genetics, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood glucose and tekenan. Insulin resistance occurs when the body no longer responds to insulin which ultimately leads to increased blood sugar levels and the risk of terkenanya diabetes. In this case, garlic can reduce insulin resistance, blood sugar and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients. In the study, garlic lowers blood sugar levels in mice by reducing the activity of the enzyme (phosphatase and amino transferase) engaged in the transport of glucose in the liver that is the sugar that is the body's main energy source.

Source reference: Data content of nutrition Garlic quoted from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USDA Food Composition Databases. While the Benefit this summarised Garlic from different sources.
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